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Children Play Therapy

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What Is Children's Play Therapy?

Big emotions are difficult for adults to navigate, so it makes sense that young children would struggle to cope with them. Children's play therapy is a type of psychotherapy used with kids to help them carry the burdens of those mental and emotional struggles.

It is effective with children because they often do not have the skills to articulate problems or process emotions and express them to their parents or other grown-ups. Children aged between 3 and 12 years old are the common candidates for play therapy sessions. Play therapy, to an onlooker, might look like simply play, but it is an intentional therapeutic intervention.

Through play therapy sessions, children can learn how to redirect inappropriate behaviors, making the entire family function more effectively. A trained play therapist can watch and gain insight into the child's problems. The child will then get help from the therapist to explore emotions and develop problem-solving skills to deal with the trauma.

Benefits of Play Therapy

Play is the natural language of kids. Play therapy just allows us to communicate using the language that your child already knows.

Express Themselves

Play therapy through play activities gives kids a chance to express themselves, especially if they have difficulty speaking or social skills. For example, a child who doesn't want to express feelings can paint or draw out their needs or thoughts.

Decision Making

It enables children to take charge of their therapy sessions and processes. A child will use mediums and toys at their own pace because they feel most comfortable with the ones they like.

Comfortable Environment

Children learn in a space they're most comfortable in than in normal psychotherapy.

Understand Their Emotions

A therapist helps children understand their emotions better, especially if they had difficulties before starting the play therapy process.


Play therapy continues to be one of the most sought processes of nurturing behaviors and helping kids grasp knowledge quicker, especially those with learning disabilities, and can be achieved after a few sessions.

Types Of Play Therapy

Directive Play Therapy

In this more direct approach to therapy with your child, we may use directed strategies or cognitive-behavioral play, or a focused approach to guide your child in their play therapy session.

You may see that we set a specific goal and even choose a specific toy such as a puppet, baby doll, or board game to play a specific game. The goal in this approach is to use these specific games, scenarios or stories to improve the child's cognitive development or teach them coping strategies under certain trauma.

Non-directive Play Therapy

In this approach, your child is in a less structured environment. They will be provided creative tools and toys and allowed to spend time the way they want.

In this type of therapy, there is no guidance or direction given to the children, allowing them to find solutions to their problems while we are able to interact, observe and reflect on your child’s process. This helps with regulation and organization of the child’s thoughts and emotions.

Why Choose Our Play Therapy Services

With a background in education, children have always been our passion. Our joy comes from meeting kids where they are and guiding them on their journey towards healing. Our hope is that through play, we can restore the trust and the sense of fun for our families.

We provide a well-equipped and diverse play therapy room. We can utilize our sand tray, puppets, and items for imaginative play. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for your child to explore their emotions and learn how to regulate them.

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Our team provides comprehensive solutions. We are always learning more about how the human brain works, how therapy provides healing value, and the various treatment methods that benefit clients the most.
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