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What are the various causes of stress and distress?

Stress is your body’s reaction to any pressure or threat. It enables us to focus, be active, and be alert when operating properly. At a certain point, stress ceases to be beneficial and begins to harm your health, emotions, and relationships. Worry can save your life by giving you greater power to fight for yourself in an emergency, but it can also cause major problems when it is not controlled.

Stress is natural and, to some extent, required in life. What generates pressure varies from individual to individual; for example, one person may get irritated and overwhelmed by a traffic delay, while another may turn up their audio and regard it as a minor annoyance.

Things in your life that cause you to feel stressed are likely to include:

  • Relational Problems
  • Coping With Significant Changes
  • Concern Over Life Events
  • Having Little Or No Influence On The Outcome Of A Situation
  • Having Obligations That Are Too Much For You
  • Lack Of Employment, Activity, Or Change In Your Life
  • Moments Of Ambiguity Or Uncertainty

There may be one primary source of your tension, but a buildup of minor stressors can also generate stress. This may make it more difficult for you to recognize and explain the source of your stress to others.

If you are facing issues in your life with relationships and other problems, reach out to our team at Yellow House Therapy today.

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